UNICEF Indonesia works to improve the nutritional status of children across Indonesia. As part of this effort, UNICEF Indonesia has embarked on a program to support the Government of Indonesia in strengthening nutrition education and improving nutrition-related behaviour among school-age children in Indonesia.

UNICEF’s aim is to have comprehensive nutrition learning modules suitable for primary school children in order to increase their nutrition literacy and establish health lifestyles.

After the success of the Legends program in the Pacific, I was engaged to help UNICEF, WFP and the National Association of Indonesia (Persagi) to help develop a creative, interactive, comprehensive multi-sectoral nutrition learning program designed to help primary school children increase their nutrition literacy and establish healthy lifestyles.

To date, I have worked with UNICEF Indonesia to:

  • Determined the appropriate target audience for a pilot of the nutrition program, and what media/platforms are most likely to engage this audience
  • Investigated the reality of children’s eating habits and nutritional concerns, and how this aligns with desk research
  • Reviewed existing materials or programs providing nutrition-related content to the target audience, and opportunities for integration
  • Explored the current educational landscape in Indonesia, along with effective teaching methodologies and learning styles for the target audience
  • Examined the accessibility of technology to the target audience and the potential for technology to be used in a teaching/learning capacity
  • Identified opportunities and barriers for program development, delivery and implementation
  • Created a suite of pilot program materials for testing with students in Indonesia